What I do

  • I help companies develop great experiences that put the user first.
  • I support students in the field of usability, UX, and CX.
  • I facilitate change for a better future.


UX Research
Research Ops
Data Analytics
Experience Design
Human Factors
Eye Tracking

  • UX Research
  • Research Ops
  • Data Analytics
  • Experience Design
  • Leadership
  • Eye Tracking


I currently lead UX research for UBS Switzerland in Zürich.

Brand experience:
Amman Group - CATSA - Cargologic - Credit Suisse - CSS - CISCO - ERZ - Franke Coffee Systems - Generali - Google - Liberty Global - Nespresso - Sanitas - SBB - Skyguide - Sonova - Swiss Re - Swisscom - Swissport - UBS - UPC - Vivior - Zurich Airport

Control Room

Domain name

Friends gave me the nickname Parcival because "he is the one looking for answers".

The Parzival epos describes the process of individual maturity in a physical and spiritual search for the Holy Grail. Parcival starts out as a foolish youngster, but eventually becomes the Grail King himself.

Yes, I enjoy the opera.


Interested in talking UX over lunch or a cup of coffee? I'm in!


I paint miniatures and play tabletop strategy games. (Showcase)

Blood Angels